Exclusive Personal Photography


family photography

Take a photography stroll in beautiful Athens with the history of 2500 years while a professional photographer will take pictures of you in front of the best sights of the city, in places with panoramic views, or wherever you wish. Keep family moments alive forever as a memory of your trip and your tour of our city.
We will process your best photos and we will give them to you in a cd or we will send them to you by mail. If you wish we can prepare a digital album and we will also send it to you by mail.

A) 3-hour photo shooting with photo walk EUR 180 + VAT
B) 5-hour photo shooting with photo walk EUR 240 + VAT
Note: Possible entrance to archaeological sites, museums, exhibitions, etc., if you wish to be photographed there, is not included in the price. Making a digital album is not included in the price and depends on the size, the quality and the number of photos which will be included in it.


prive photography

Whether you are, feel like or just want to be photographed like a model this is your option. Discover the beauty inside and show your best self, relax and take a photography trip in Athens with you as the protagonist and the photographer who will accompany you.
Portrait photos can be taken and you will be photographed in front of the best sights as well as hidden parts of town of special interest, so that you can keep the best memories of your travel alive forever.


A) 1) 3hour photography and photo walk in Athens +12 final processed shots: 190 euro+24% Vat.
2)5 hour photography +photo walk in Athens +16 final processed shots: 240 euro +24% Vat.
B) FASHION BOOK creations: 3 hour photography in 3 different locations-9 final professional processed shots: 240 euro +24%VAT.
C) STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY:2 hour photography in studio -6 final professional processed shots:240 euro+24% VAT


combination on tour

If you take part in 2 different photography tours on 2 different days from our photography photo-walks that take place in Athens , which you will find on our website, you will get 25% off the initial price.
For instance :

  1. classic photo walk +art-graffiti photo walk.
  2. 8h photo walk +exclusive personal photography


  1. The discount doesn’t hold for photography excursions outside Athens or if you take part in a photography workshop.
  2. Your participation will be confirmed after you sand us the date of your preference by mail as long as there is availability in the chosen programs.

photowalk-workshop for groups

All our photography walks in Athens take place with the participation of 2-8 persons. If you are a group, company, photography club, we offer 25% discount per person for any photography ride you want to choose as a group by selecting the program that expresses you. You can send us an email telling us the date of your choice  and  we will examine your request. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything that interests you in photography beyond these programs that can be found in our site (such as night photography / architecture photography / street photography / photo shooting day trip near Athens, etc.) and we will try to accommodate your needs and desires by adapting our programs if  possible, or creating something just for you upon request.

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