8h City Tour



The old meet the new

The heart of Athens beats over 2500 years. Athens awakens early and sleeps late. And you just cross Athens so simple? Meaningless? Not anymore. Walk with purpose, having our camera as your company, a beautiful, scenic and great photo-walk awaits us. A cycle path dedicated to known and unknown Athens, old and new, ready to start and enjoy its beauty and hidden secrets. We are all together and we start our journey.

A path filled with memories, perfumes and colors. We photograph sights, places with panoramic views, monuments, buildings of architectural and historical interest, other corners of the city quiet and scenic and other crowded and lively. We try to capture the pulse of the city and to put into our frames modern, contemporary Athens, its new places in the world, its people, its market. Our goal is to get to the city’s rhythms but always in comparison to ancient Athens and the culture that surrounds us everywhere.

We learn about its history, discuss and exchange views, stop for coffee and enjoy the local delicatessen. So what is more tempting than to follow us in this 8-hour long exploration, having as an ally as companion with our love for photography.

During the route we will enjoy a traditional Greek meal with traditional dishes and relax in graphics or alternative hangouts.

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