Terms & Conditions

Conditions of participation in an activity / excursion with Athensphotowalks.gr team

Registration for participation in an activity / excursion with Athensphotowalks.gr team strongly implies acceptance of the following terms:

– An  entry form shall be submitted by all participants.

– Participants must be at least 18 years old.

– Participants aged 14-18 years old can register and participate in activities of Athensphotowalks.gr only after written consent of their parents or the parent who has temporarily or  the final custody of the minor person.

–   Athensphotowalks.gr  team has the right not to accept an application   .

– All personal details of the participant must be true and accurate under the responsibility of the reporting participant.

– The participant accepts the rules of participation in the activity / excursion and declares that he /she will follow the instructions and guidelines of Athensphotowalks.gr team and will have a decent behavior    towards  the organizers and other participants.

– The Athensphotowalks.gr has the right to dismiss a participant in case he does not follow the instructions and guidelines of Athensphotowalks.gr  team and  in case  he does not have a decent behavior towards  the organizers and / or to the other participants. In this case a participant will receive no compensation for the non-participation to the program  and the organizers reserve all their rights for any damage occured .

– The participant is solely responsible for its own safety  and declares  that he knows he participates in a dangerous activity.

–   Any difficulty in movement and any medical limitations or pregnancy should   be declared to the organizers when registering. The organizers (Athensphotowalks.gr   )    will not  be responsible for both the state of health of the participant  and for the case of  inability to participate in the activity.

– The participant  will have its own equipment  for which he  will be fully responsible. The organizers will have no liability in the event of  damage or theft  of the equipment  and  they will  have any liability in the event of theft or destruction of any other  objects  and    belongings  to the participant .

– The Athensphotowalks.gr and associates and / or servants   have absolutely no responsibility for any injury or damage occurred to the state of health of the participant or for any accident occurred during participation to an  activity organized by  Athensphotowalks.gr. team . The participant is solely responsible for his  state of health and physical integrity and waives  all his kind of rights  of compensation and remuneration against Athensphotowalks.gr. team .

– The participant declares in writing that irrevocably gives his consent to Athensphotowalks.gr team and any successor thereof and assigns in whole or in part to Athensphotowalks.gr all his rights to photos, films, interviews  etc  total named here “material” relating to him in connection to his  participation to the Athensphotowalks.gr activities such as videos, films, sound recordings, photographs in a analog or  digital form either the original material or copies  , unedited  or  in translation, or after any artistic adaptation or processing . The participant will  not have in any case   any  right to payment or any right to  claim any compensation or fee or remuneration from the use of the  “material”. Athensphotowalks.gr may use the above “material” also can use the image and any outcome of the participant and  their participating in such activities.

This right will remain to the exclusive property of Athensphotowalks.gr, and   it  is granted perpetual and exclusive right to use, alter, modify and reuse this material in any way,  in any part of this world operates. The aforementioned use include promotional uses and the uses for promotional purposes both of itself and of associated   individuals and / or legal entities and their products.

The Athensphotowalks.gr team can exclusively and in its sole discretion   decide how to use the above-mentioned “material” , the  face, image   and the result of the participation of the participant in any of the activities of  athensphotowalks.gr team.

It may in any case and without the permission of the participant to process and modify in any way, in whole or in part, in analog or digital form the aforementioned  material and to combine it with other materials for the case of  advertising or promotional services or products and services of Athensphotowalks.gr,  and affiliates and  servants of it .

-Also Athensphotowalks.gr, team  can freely assign these  rights and materials as a whole or in part without the permission of the participant . And the participant declares that  retains no  right from this  transaction   nor  from the general possession, processing and from any kind of exploitation of the above  material   .


FEES- advance payments -Cancellations

The Athensphotowalks.gr  team declares that   is authorized to vary timetables or cancel activities

  1. When the required number of participants has not been completed.

B when weather and general conditions do not ensure the   safe conduct of the activity.

The timetable of  any  activity can   be modified due to weather conditions and in order to have   homogeneity of the participants.

Securing position to an activity can be achieved only after the  submission of an  application by the participant and the payment of  the required deposit or fee for the participation.


If there are more entries than  the existing sites Athensphotowalks.gr  team will be keep  a strict order of priority.


  1. Failure to complete the minimum number of participants before 2 days at least from the date of  the activity, the activity will be canceled and the paid fee or advance will be refunded . The participant can choose the price it can be used to participate in another activity.
  2. In the event of strikes, bad weather, force majeure such as natural disaster, emergency and war, the paid fee or advance will be refunded.

In such cases, the participants will be notified by e-mail sending.

  1. the paid fee or the advance will be refunded in case of  cancellations  due to extraordinary personal health reasons . The participant will have to present   medical  certificates  and immediately alert the organizer with email sending.

Or in case of  Cancellations for which the participant has already found and propose a substitude who accepts   the participation and the payment of the fee in writing at least before 5 days .


  1. Cancellations made in writing by e-mail send less than 20 days before carrying out the activity will result the loss of the advance or the paid fee.

-In case of cancellation in a period less than 20 days before  the date of the activity the participant will be not be refunded.

-In all cases of non-sending  an e-mail and written notification to the  organizers and submitting false certificates to justify the  cancellation.

-In any case the deposit or (whole or part of it ) has been  used  already   for expenses

-In the event that   the whole price is paid in advance and before a certain time and for that reason  the participant has received special deduction in no case the  refundable sum is going to   excess  half of the paid .

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